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Should you be in contact with the other driver's insurance companies?

It is highly recommended that prior to talking with any other insurance company you contact a Denver personal injury attorney for legal assistance. You should never provide a statement to the other driver's insurance company because oftentimes insurance companies will try to change the story about how the accident occurred and force you to admit partial or full guilt. Saying too much to another insurance company could mean the difference between getting full compensation for your claim and getting nothing out of the claim.

Should I seek medical attention even though I don't feel hurt?

It is always a good idea to get checked out by a medical professional soon after an accident occurs. Sometimes pain may not set in for one to two days after the accident and waiting too long to get checked out by a medical professional could hurt your chances of obtaining fair compensation for your claim.

What additional information I should obtain from the scene of the accident?

Take as many photos as you can from different areas of the scene.

  • Take photos of the overall scene of the accident including:
  • All vehicles involved in the accident
  • Different locations of the scene
  • Injuries and damaged items

When should I contact an attorney?

You should contact an attorney that specifically handles car accident lawsuits and you should contact them immediately after the accident occurs. An attorney can give you legal assistance and advice in handling the legal processes which will give you a better chance of receiving full compensation for damages.

How do I get my car repaired?

Car repairs typically are handled through your insurance company. Depending on your coverage, your insurance company may pay for your vehicle’s repairs and then bill the at-fault drivers’ insurance company.

How do I pay for medical bills after being injured in an accident?

This is also typically handled by an insurance company. In an ideal world, the at-fault driver’s insurance company would pay for your bills. However, insurance companies are notorious for hassling about liability. In many cases, it may be more beneficial to pay your medical bills through your health insurance and then try to obtain reimbursement from the at-fault driver’s insurance company in a settlement.

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