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Common Bus Lines & Casino Transportation

Transportation to and from casinos in Colorado has become very popular. There are bus services from the Metro Denver area, Colorado Springs, and Pueblo that service Blackhawk, Central City, and Cripple Creek on a daily basis.

  • Transportation providers include:
  • Gray Line of Denver
  • Black Hawk Express
  • Casino Transportation Inc.
  • Coach USA/Ace Express
  • Fast Track Express
  • Ramblin Express
  • Ride & Win
  • The Stampede (operated by People’s Choice)
  • Denver Casino Shuttle
  • Colorado Casino Express (Premier Charters)
  • Horizon Coach Lines
  • Boulder County Casino Express

While these companies advertise their services as a safe, fun, and comfortable way to travel to Colorado’s casinos, there are risks involved in riding a bus to a Colorado casino. Road conditions attribute the most danger to passengers in large buses, and the roads to our casinos in Colorado can be quite dangerous, especially in the winter snowy months. Additionally, driver error can impact your safety on a Colorado casino bus. If the driver of your bus is negligent in his driving, such as driving too fast in snowy or rainy conditions, he or she could cause a severe accident.

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As a paramedic, Todd responded to many bus crashes, and he can attest that the injuries can be horrific. The crash scene can be extremely overwhelming as a victim, with multiple people experiencing injuries at the same time, and such a large vehicle involved. If you are involved in an accident while a passenger on a Colorado casino bus or you have been hit by a Colorado casino bus while in another vehicle, your litigation will become quite complex. There may be multiple insurance companies and adjusters involved, and most likely none of them will have your best interest in mind.

If you’ve been involved in a casino bus accident, contact the personal injury attorneys at Bovo Law, LLC today. We’ve won millions on behalf of our injured clients!

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